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Easy Bread Making for Special Diets

Easy Cooking for Special Diets

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Making pies, Thanksgiving 2006

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Nickie Dumke has been cooking for various special diets for herself, family members, and friends for over 30 years. She lives in Louisville, Colorado with her husband, Mark. They have two sons, Joel, who is a graduate student at Purdue University, and John, who is a college student at the University of Wyoming. She holds B.S. degrees in microbiology and medical technology and is the author of the books on this website. She is an avid cook of all types of foods, including normal!

Nickie hopes that this website will help others learn how to help themselves with their food allergies without having to spend the years she spent learning things the hard way, one small piece at a time. We hope that most of your questions have been answered on this website, but if there is something else you would like to ask, please contact us using the contact form below. Keep in mind however, we are NOT medical professionals and cannot give professional advice. This website and all information derived from it is strictly educational in nature – we can only compare personal experiences with you. However, we may be able to refer you to a medical professional in your area who can help you. We would like to help however we can, EXCEPT with homework!

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